The Return of Sarcastic Answer Theater

A place for human foetuses in art?
I’ve heard of child prodigies, but this is ridiculous! How do you even intend to get the paintbrush to them?


Jackass Customer Stories
I must have told the fellow a million times that we didn’t carry ‘Hee-Haw’ on DVD.

Can you get lung cancer right away from smoking?
Well, if you order now…

I’m bored. Gimme some links
If you really think sausage will help…

Overheating on re-entry
I’d suggest some sort of lubricant.

Righteous thread concept! Applause.

(no entry as yet, but I’m thinking…)

Need advice on LASEK surgery.
Ask Cyclops.

**How and why did Windows ME suck? **
How? Very skillfully. Why? Because it didn’t want to lose its user base.

What do you call jokes.
Witticisms, or bon mots.

Naked Naked Naked!!!
Great! Put it in neon lights, and I think we’ve got something.

What were the Americas called before the Europeans got here and renamed it?
Ironically, ‘Europe’. THAT was a bit awkward…

What can I do with my laptop?
Oh, lots of things. You can make a hat, or a boat, or a swan…

What Is Your State’s License Plate Numbering Convention?
The West Virginia BumperCon - over a thousand attendees last year!

  • A woman propositioned my husband the other night…*

…And are you disappointed that she didn’t proposition you first?

Help ID this car!

What’s in it for me?

What do you call jokes.
Short stories meant to be funny.

Love it. Love it. Love it. (I had the same reaction to that one.)

Words you can never spell correctly
Oh shure. You want me to anserr this thred with wurds I hav trubble speling - but I’m not gonna fall fer yur stoopid littul gaim.

A Surtain Commandable In Chief,
Vakayshining in Teksis

Return of The Sarcastic Answer Theater

What again? How can it return when it never left?

Best Buy has a few episodes on DVD… They made great Father’s Day gifts…because I don’t live with my parents anymore. :slight_smile: Mom was not pleased. :smiley:

Come on - more! I’ve got none, but these are great and this is a great thread.

Is glass a liquid or a solid ?

YES !!! :smiley:

I’ve Lost My Shower

That stinks!

If a tree falls, for Og’s sake, get outta the way!

I killed it dead… Now what? ( puter question ) Get yer shovel ‘n bury it before it starts stinkin’ up da joint.

For a fun geography game

I know cute oxymorons, too.

I’ve Lost My Shower
Did you take a shower?
Why, is there one missing? LOL :smiley:

Einstein’s fish

Whoops, sorry, Schrödinger’s cat ate it.

Pregnant bitch on my front porch

You shouldn’t talk about your sister like that. After all, it’s your fault.