24: Season 5: Episode 9 (3:00pm - 4:00pm)

Just an hour ago, President Waffle was doing pretty well wooing back his wife. But in just a few short minutes he managed to change this evening’s entertainment lineup from “The Joy of Tantric Sex” to something from the Do-It-Yourself section.

And CTU has just lost the trail, partly due to a typo in the geometry section of the CTU Training Manual…
Perimeter: A boundary surrounding all two sides of a rectangle.”

Tonight, Jack goes back to randomly interrogate shoppers at the mall. “WHAT DID YOU BUY AT DILLARDS?!!!”

Oh, and he tries to find the Yellow-Tie guy, too…

24, Season 5, Episode 9
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


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Wow. Did you see that?

Understatement of the season:

“We’re all under a little pressure.”

Well, so much for Ivan Stabbedevsky. Looks like the First string bad guys have been forcibly relieved of their duties, and the Second String baddies are taking over.

Samwise got bitched out by President Whiny-Weenie – heh.

oooh, now Audrey gets to be the secretive one talking with the mysterious guy on the phone and going behind everybody’s back at CTU.

“Don’t fight it, Curtis. Don’t fight it.”

Do I see a Brokeback 24 in the future?

And now Jack Bauer sucker punches Black Bauer! I think that’s one of the requirements to be in Jack’s inner circle of trusted friends (at least the male ones) – you have to have been sucker punched by him at least once when you were just “following orders”.

CTU agents should know better than to follow orders when you’re partnered with Jack.

Another independent film about CTU agents eating pudding? :wink:

Well, he did take Jack’s gun…and he did make a TV series with that Spence fellow.

Jack: God, I wish I knew how to quit you!

Curtis: Well, why don’t you?


Jesus, he shot down a helicopter with a pistol.

Maybe this has been covered in other 24 threads but it’s been, what, eight ours since palmer has been killed and the press has forgotten all about it? You know if Clinton was killed the major networks would have around the clock coverage for 37 straight years…and I’d miss a whole bunch of episodes of 24 because of it.

And this surprises you, how?


Is it wrong that the idea of uploading to Chloe’s socket really, really excites me??

He played a lot of Super Contra growing up.

“Upload it to my socket.” : drool :

On preview: No, no its not.

I think Logan should have called up the Russian prez immediately, and then they should have set a trap – such that the Russian prez isn’t IN the motorcade when the terrorists come at it. Set a trap and try to ambush the attackers. Work WITH the Russian prez on it.

Lynn makes a new decree: “Alright, everybody is on Double Secret Probation as of right now!”

CTU has IM?

C:/hloe: hey, bitch. you busy.
DoDaughter: yeah, lol. HOS.

Lynn tells Audrey she doesn’t want to threaten him? This is the same guy who got chumped by a crack whore, right?

Bill: Okay Lynn, I’ll take your orders, but you have to show me your Keycard of Authority first. What? You don’t have it? Tsk…