24: Season 5: Episode 10 (4:00pm - 5:00pm)

The 9th hour has ended, and President Logan’s chances at any action this evening are at an all time low – unless he’s into necrophilia. Because the First Lady has gotten into the car with Russian President Vladimir Doomedovich and his lovely wife, knowing that her dear hubby has made another bonehead call. Why he didn’t immediately get the Ruskies to help him set up a fake convoy and an ambush for the ambushers, I don’t know… But it appears that he’s trying to start a war with Russia.

Back at CTU, Samwise is getting annoyed that nobody is respecting his authoritah, and even all the other former heads of CTU are laughing at him. And Jack is now acting with only the secret support of everybody at CTU except for Lynn. What will he find at the building he was led to by the dead man’s computer chip?

Tune in tonight!

Oh, and start placing your bets as to what episode Kim will show up in, and whether or not she’ll be stuck in anything…

24, Season 5, Episode 10
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


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I’m wagering early that Kim will be found at and retrieved from a celebrity crack house along with Chase. They’ll be pretty much wasted for at least three hours/weeks, then Chase and Tony will manage to save Jack from some serious doom while Kim locates the family from the first several episodes and manages to get their house blown up.

I predict Jack will find out his daughter is nowhere to be found and will spend the rest of the day frantically searching for her while screaming: KIIIIIIIIIIIM!!!

I predict that Kim will be found in her apartment, with her hands stuck in a Chinese finger trap, and her hair stuck in the bathtub drain. And as she was probably just finishing her bath when this happened…

I want to be one of the CTU agents first on the scene! :smiley:

I predict Kim will be found in her driveway, having locked herself into her car.

With her keys on the ground outside the car? :wink:

“Mr. President, should I warn them?”

Logan: “Yes! No! Maybe! I don’t know! I can’t decide! Where the hell is my Magic 8 Ball?!!”

What the hell? Wasn’t Curtis unconscious and handcuffed to a railing fifteen minutes ago?

Without a vehicle?


Curtis was just knocked out, but he wasn’t handcuffed. In the last episode, he had woken up and called CTU. I would assume that he was picked up by one of the nearby field teams (after all, he and Jack had left from a location where other agents had been on site).

And of course, everywhere in L.A. is a 15 minute car ride from CTU. :wink:

Pretty soom, someone’s going to get fed up and tell Lynn to go suck Frodo’s big hairy toes.

Dude! You introduce a hot chick CTU agent, then fire her five minutes later?


What they need to do is call Division and tell them, “Hey, that hobbit that you sent to run things over here? He’s going loco and ignoring threats and leads.”

Of course, if the attack succeeds and the Russian prez is killed, THEN what’s Lynn going to yell next?

Chloe: “Hey, Mr. McGill, remember that potential attack we mentioned to you a little while ago…?”

“Pray with me” - how Nixonian

Best line in the entire episode:

Red Shirt: What would you like me to do, Mr.Manning?


Damn – I almost thought they’d killed off Aaron. Glad he’s still kicking.

Is this like a Sunday holiday afternoon? Because the downtown corridor is pretty deserted. I would think that someone might have noticed all them guys with machine guns and rocket launchers standing around.

Just what you need when the bad guys with flame throwers and RPGs come out…a couple of LA policemen with 9mm.

My exact words when I saw him hurt:

“Don’t you die on me, Aaron. Don’t you fuckin’ die on me!”