24: Season 6: Episode 11 (4:00pm - 5:00pm)

Junior is safe, Graem is toast, wifey doesn’t care, and Daddy Bauer didn’t shoot Jack, but left him a clue instead. Enter disgraced President Weeniehead, stage left. He seems more confident now that he’s grown a beard. If only he’d stopped shaving before Season 5, things might not have gotten out of hand for him…

Meanwhile, Morris pulls a Bill Clinton – “Yes! I took a drink, but I didn’t swallow…”

Chloe obfuscates for him: “Yes, but he didn’t metabolize the alcohol”. (I nominate this for best line in last week’s episode, by the way).

And scrawny Tom Lennox, not picking the best place for deciding to turn in the conspirators (the room without any surveillance), just got beaten up by his scrawny assistant. Too bad Milo wasn’t there to protect him.

24, Season 6, Episode 11
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


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BTW, do you realize that nearly half a day has gone by and Chloe still hasn’t shot anyone? Or zapped any annoying bystanders?

That’s just not right.


Easily done

Just one?

Close enough.

I qualify for the next President of the CTU States of America. My first signing statement will read that Jack is to be taken at his word any time he calls in. Second, Chloe is getting transfered to DC.

She’s going to be on the presidential staff? erm… so to speak?

Wonder if Tom Lennox is starting to regret how he ran Karen Hayes out of town on a rail yet. And when’s Karen going to show up at CTU Los Angeles? Assad was leaving L.A. for Washington around the same time that Karen was leaving the White House, and Assad’s been in D.C. for a couple hours now.

Marilyn really wanted to make kissy-face with Jack, when he told her to get going to CTU…

So is Logan really trying for redemption? No ulterior motives?

No jurisdiction at the consulate. Heh – Jack knows how to take care of consuls. :wink:

This Morris storyline is getting dull. Maybe if something diferent happened… but every scene with him is the same. “Are you okay?” “Yes! I can do my job!” Boot his frickin ass to the curb, or let him work. Tired of the filler scenes.

Now Chloe interrupts his dump… heh – that was the most interesting Chloe/Morris scene yet. Hahahaha…

Reed is still calling Tom Lennox “Sir”. Ha!

So Wayne’s probably going to be injured, but not dead. The question is… what about Assad? Did he die in the attempt? Did he intercept the shrapnel meant for the president, and in doing so, save his life?

This was the most Jack-less hour of 24 I think I’ve ever seen. Just a few conversations – with Logan and with the Prez. I hope this means Jack got a chance for a sandwich, and maybe a bathroom break.

I think my friend summed it up best: The Morris scenes are the “caught in a bear trap” subplot of the current season.

Thrill as we wonder if he’s been drinking! Cry as he doesn’t fill in all of his sectors! Wonder if anybody gives a flying crap!

Right. I’d rather see Kim fleeing from danger again, actually.

If that subplot would actually GO anywhere, it might be interesting. But ever since Morris came back from torture, every scene with him and Chloe is the same. Except for the laugh I had when she interrupted his dump. But even then, the content of the conversation was pretty much the the same. Why couldn’t they use something else as filler instead? Maybe some scene with Fayed being evil, or something…

I keep wondering when Nadia is going to be de-moled.

I hope Wayne Palmer is dead. I can’t stand him. He sucked the life out of the scene where he talks with Logan.

This was as meh an episode as there’s been in a long time, I’m afraid :frowning:
I did like the bomb made out of two colors of dry erase marker, though.

Seems to be a direct correlation with the lack of Jack in this one, too. Sorry, writers – but it’s Kiefer Sutherland that makes the show, not whiny Morris or President Palmer Lite. More Jack, less crap please.

The main thing in this episode that I found interesting was in a pretty short scene. But it was the bit with Gredenko getting his hands on military aerial drones, which I assume he plans to use to deliver the suitcase nuke payloads. Sayed Ali back in season 2 was relying on a little Cessna or something. Gredenko’s gotten his hands on something better, from the U.S. military, no less.

Although, gotta say, Sayed Ali’s nuke was more impressive than these little suitcase jobbies.

Other guys have girl friends who own liquor stores.
Poor Morris has an ex-wife who is his boss.
Since when did bombs have gooey red stuff in them?

I sort of liked that. Just to let Jack know that it’s not all about Jack. Now if they could just do something interesting with everyone else.

Morris’s dump – hey, at least we now know that at least one character on that show does go to the bathroom. I was beginning to wonder. But he never finished, never wiped, just washed his hands. Up next: “Morris, are you drunk?” “Of course not, love, I’m distracted because I’m sitting in a pile of my own skid marks.”

I loved the comment about how there are three nukes left, and any city in America could be a target. I’d like to propose a little wager with my fellow Dopers on what those cities will be. I’m putting my money on Los Angeles, Los Angeles, and Los Angeles.

As a weapon of mass disruption, those suitcase nukes are probably better used on the ground. Much more radioactive fallout created that way, although if they are looking to incite war than the higher initial casualties of an airburst might work better.

I thought this episode was a bit of a yawner. I am a bit worried that someone is going to find that empty whiskey bottle in the trash and we are going to get even more Morris drama.

Was it ever mentioned if Jack’s dad got through the 5-block perimeter that Jack requested? I suppose even the writing team knows that broken perimeters are a given.

Did I miss when Jack changed into that spiffy suit at Logan’s place? He didn’t arrive in it, did he?

That’s a neat way to deliver them, though, and they could only be a hundred feet in the air or so.

An excellent point; why else waste air time showing him toss it?
How many bet Chloe goes through the trash? Maybe she’ll find her hair dye bottle instead.

I gotta say, it’s a little scary that you know this, Baracus :eek:

With imminent nuclear threat, they’re going to take the time to look spiffy for the Russian consulate?!

Chloe seriously needs an Al-Anon meeting. Maybe a sponsor of her very own, even.

Well, this thread is getting all the responses this episode merits. I decided to break from routine and watch Heroes from 9-10, then circle back and watch 24. About halfway through the episode, I was asleep. Not that I mind set-up episodes, but they need to tweak the formula a bit. Feels like I’m watching an amalgam of seasons 1-5 with nothing new.

And Jack hasn’t taken on enough heavily armed terrorists with only a pistol yet. If you can’t give me a story, give me Jack kicking ass and not bothering to take names.