Lost 5.13 "Some Like It Hoth"

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From the on-line description for tonight’s episode:

Some Like It Hoth
Suspicions are raised when Ben is taken from the infirmary; Miles is asked to deliver an important package.

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Despite having the worst episode title ever, I’m looking forward to tonight’s installment. I’m betting it’ll be lots of fun and we might even get some information.

And here is where I need to provide a programming note. Next week will be one of those catch-you-up clip shows to prepare people for the final three episodes. The week after that we’re back with the big 100th show. Or the 100th hour. I’ve heard it refered to both ways. I’d check myself, but I can’t count that high.

A Star Wars reference? Intriguing.

I’ve been waiting for a Star Wars reference in Dharma-riffic 1977. I can’t wait.

Though, it’s worth remembering that Hoth didn’t turn up until Empire.

Continuity nightmare! Or maybe a clue: maybe the Island is so radically out of step with normal time at this point that the 1980 Empire was already available in the “Dharma” 1977.

But then, Charlotte was born way older than she should have been, so…

And “Some Like It Hot” came out in 1939! What can we make of that?!?

OK, probably nothing. :smiley:

I don’t think this is a spoiler, but just in case:

[spoiler]the producers acknowledge this as a mistake in the script.


I advise anyone who keeps track of Lost’s timeline, etc. to read the above spoiler boxed item, but just in case you are in complete blockout mode of anything non-show, I boxed it.

It looks like there will be no new LOST next week.
The season wraps up with:
4/15 (tonight) Ep.13
4/22 (no show)
4/29 Ep.14
5/6 Ep.15
5/13 (two hours) Ep.16-17

… and The Power Station released the single in 1985. :cool:

“He fell into a ditch”
“What about the bullet hole in his head? The ditch had a gun?”


Hurley: “You’re just jealous my power is better than yours.”

Hahahaa. Nice.

“Third day I was here, I saw my mom in the cafeteria line behind me. That was my first clue…”

I’m liking Miles a lot more these days.

Miles is awesome nowadays. I used to hate him, but I think he’s great now.

I love that Hurley can’t shut up.

“So, hey, your kid’s names is Miles. Your names is Miles, right?”

“I bet the two of you are very close after 3 years.”

Dude in the van – that’s one of Ilana’s guys, right?! From the Ajira 315 crash. The ones who are “taking over” – from last time when Lapidus got back to the plane.

Yeah, that’s the same guy who was with her and the big crate thing last week.

Well, now we know who REALLY wrote Empire Strikes Back… :smiley:

“Ewoks suck, dude.”

Hurley and Miles do make a great buddy pair.

Shhh! Don’t say that too loud or we’ll get a horrible spinoff!:wink:

I have a very special happy dance that I reserve for special scenes in this show. Normally it’s for any sort of Penny-Desmond reunion scene. I brought it back out tonight for Dan’s return.

Also, I’m predicting right now that Bram and Illana are part of Dharma, trying to come back to the island.