24: Season 5: Episode 18 (12:00midnight - 1:00am)

Okay, so presumably Logan was in on the Walt plan – but he let Walt think that Walt was running the show. Fair enough – makes it tricky explaining some of his earlier reactions, but at least Logan was among those who didn’t expect the nerve gas to be used here at home, so it’s believeable enough that the attacks on U.S. targets took him by surprise.

Meanwhile, Jack’s leaving a nice little body count. Unfortunately, it seems to involve as many innocents as baddies at the moment. He popped off a couple baddies at the bank, but Bank Manager got killed in the process, and if Evelyn and her darling little daughter aren’t toast yet, I assume they are wishing they were.

But… finally SecDef Heller is getting in on the action! I want to see him do a little ass-kicking in Logan’s office! He wasn’t afraid to order his own son to be tortured last season – let’s see what he does when he reaches Logan. Woohoo!

This week, I predict that Chloe and Homeland-Asswipe-Guy get into a slap-fight.

24, Season 5, Episode 18
12:00 midnight - 1:00 AM


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If the bet is Chloe wins in 5 minutes, I’ll take the under!

Does Chloe get to have an assault weapon? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen her taste blood.

Most Bad-ass Sec-Def, ever.

Two things I want to see tonight:

  1. Jack: I need to go to the bathroom. Or MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE! [cue ticking clock]

  2. Jack’s cell phone runs out of batteries.

Oooh, Mike’s putting 2 and 2 together. Maybe he and the VP can get a coup going against Logan.

Aaron’s toast?

Let’s see: huge missed opportunity for a Chloe/whatshername smackdown. Ah well, there’s always my imagination.

Love the CTU ex-pat safe house.

Love watching Jack take on his evil twin.

Wow. Quite an episode.

Why in the ever loving FUCK wouldn’t Jack have made a copy of the recording?

Someone knows how to make Jack keep his word. :slight_smile:

This week Chloe got to jog up to the house with the James Bond music.

Seemed a bit odd to see the Sec Def tie up his daughter to a pole?? Jack a bit understandable, since he’s a fugitive from Johnny Law, but his daughter??

So it seems everyone at CTU gets to have phone-tracing software on their own pcs.

Don’t ask yourself that. Just assume that all audio recordings in the 24 universe cannot be copied. Otherwise, the plot for seasons 2 and 5 at least doesn’t make any sense at all.

So Heller did something evil. I guess he thought it was best, but what a dumb fucking thing to do. Guess we have to wonder whether his daughter will survive.

And Aaron Pierce seems to be dead. God damn it. Him and Chloe are the only characters I really wanted to survive.

On the other hand, I did enjoy the James Bond music again this week . . .
And from the previews,Do you think Logan actually killed Martha??!

Well, he was going to let it happen before, so why not now?

He at least seemed genuinely concerned for her. If he actually offs her like the preview looks like, I’m officially calling shenanigans. His character is the big problem with the season’s plot, but if he changes that substantially then they’re just making random shit up as they go.

I haven’t entirely ruled out the possibility that Jack passed another recorder to Henderson or somehow he made a copy of the recording.

I don’t remember Henderson listening to it, and Jack may have timed his reactions to Audrey being slashed so Henderson wouldn’t get suspicious that the recorder was a fake. Strictly WAG-ing.

What happened to Wayne Palmer?

I thought maybe he gave up the tape player, but kept the tape.

He went with Henderson.

Buchanan took him to a safe place, presumeably the “CTU Screw Up Retirement Home” or where ever Chole went.

In some episode, some season,

Jack rigged a pad to self destruct. Maybe he did the same with the recorder.

We still have, what six hours to go?

I kept saying this throughout the episode, to the point where the person I was watching with was getting annoyed at me for pointing it out.

It would seriously solve a lot of problems…

SecDef Heller: SMACK “You’re going about this wrong, Jack. So I’m going to tie you to this pole and go confront the Prez myself, now that I have the evidence…”
Jack: “Well, that’s a great plan, sir, except for that copy I made and had arranged to be delivered to the media in the morning.”


Prez Logan: hangs up phone “Ha! It’s YOU who are going to resign. How dare you accuse me, sir, as you have no evidence!”
Heller: “What, you mean this copy of the evidence right here in my hand, which isn’t the original, BTW, and also isn’t the only copy?”

If I recall correctly, the problem in season 2 wasn’t that there weren’t copies of the recording – it was that the recording was faked. So Jack was trying to prove it wasn’t legit. This time, he’s trying to keep possession of the ONLY copy of the true real legitimate evidence. Not making a copy is just… stupid.

At first, when SecDef came back in and smacked Jack, I thought the whole thing looked a little showy, like he was staging it, and maybe he didn’t really pass his man the real recording after all. It was a stupid move, either way – as he put his own daughter in danger. At least you’d think he’d get them all to a safer location, in case any of them were followed or tracked. And if he was going to follow a different course of action than Jack suggested, there was no need to even tell him at that point – Jack just said, “I’ll be going dark for the next 6 hours”. Heller could have just done what he wanted at that point – no need to tie Jack and Audrey up to do it.

Henderson is eeeeeeeeeeevil.