24: Season 5: Episode 20 (2:00am - 3:00am)

Henderson almost gets away again, but this time it’s Black Bauer to the rescue! Sneaky dude manages to get his team in, totally unnoticed by the helicopter flown by Henderson’s men. Now when is somebody going to put some bullets in Henderson’s kneecaps to immobilize him just a little?

And is Jack ever going to put in a call, maybe to Curtis… “Since Henderson found us, I can only presume he got to Evelyn – can you have CTU send somebody to check room ____ at the ____ Motel, where we left Evelyn and her daughter? Because if they are stil alive, they will be needing medical assistance.”

Well, at this point, Logan’s chances of ever getting any from his wife, ever again, are pretty much nil. She needs to find a way to discreetly leave the grounds.

Place your bets, place your bets… will we be seeing Secretary Heller again? Or is he swimming with the fishies for good?

Karen is finally putting things together – maybe she’ll head over to Buchanan’s house to join the team of renegade CTU leaders. Leaving Wormtongue to be the Queen of the Roost at CTU, who will be mobilizing the binary-reading troops and sneering bitchily at anybody who dares stand in his way.

And now Jack’s on a plane, sneaking into the baggage compartment using the luggage that the handlers apparently forgot to load, and his trusty Cloak of Invisibility. Tonight, somebody will surely recognize him… “Oh, hi, Jack!!”

24, Season 5, Episode 20
2:00 AM - 3:00 AM


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Season 5 threads:
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Dammit, Chloe, I need those thread links NOW. Just do what you have to do to get them!

Whatever… rolling eyes

I’m busy repositioning the satellite to watch Kim Bauer in the shower. Can’t you get them?

Too bad it was Edgar who got locked out…

Do they have air marshalls on chartered flights?
Are baggage compartments pressurized?

It’s a diplomatic flight, so maybe. And yes, sometimes they are.

Mike is steamed! Literally! :wink:

Chloe’s got a good response to drunken pickup lines. Looks like maybe she’s used that response before. :wink:

Martha: “You don’t have much of a personality, do you?”

Didn’t they even find Wayne Palmer when they did that 2 second search of Buchanan’s house?

“you little ass-kisser!”

Go Bill!

Mike’s slowly putting things together – hearing little bits and clues from multiple sources. He’s probably going to enter into the resolution in a big way before it’s all over.

Did Jack leave his phone in the hold? They made sure to do a close-up camera shot of it when he put it down to screw with the ailerons. So when Chloe calls him back with the info he needs, he won’t have his phone?

Cracking up that Chloe is still analyzing away, with drunk guy slumped on her table.

Hey, yeah! What the hell happnened to Wayne? Did he go to bed?

Hopefully, he called someone to go untie the bank manager’s wife.

Chloe/laptop OTP.
That was awwwwwesome. Best episode of the season thus far.

And it’s a good thing Chole came through. Otherwise Jack would have had to search every passenger (including body cavities), every piece of carry-on luggage AND every piece of luggage in the cargo hold. Of course, in the 24 universe, that would have only taken 10 minutes tops.

Speaking of Chloe… Did anyone else think that she looked kinda nice when she smiled at that drunken schlub? She should smile more.

Yes, I’m still smitten.

Note to self: Don’t hit on Chloe when she’s busy! Either that or check her hands closely.
p.s. The more she hurts people the more I love her. Wierd, man!

Yeah. Next week, I want to see her taser the drunk guy again, just as she gets up to leave.

Y’know, just for the fun of it.

Not to mention Aaron the Red!

I like that nifty Vulcan Elbow Jab that Jack pulled on air martial guy (where I have seen him before). One poke, and you’re out for the duration.

I think Mike is going to enter into the plot resolution in a big way, too. And maybe (a very wet) Heller and the VP will join in. Of course everyone is just going to love the way Chloe handled Drunk Bar Guy. Bzzzzzzt! Oh, you’re conscious again? Bzzzzzt! Maybe she’ll get to use that on Myles in the final episode.

And all I can say is, that F-16 doesn’t stand a chance against Jack and his handgun next week!

Good thing Jack checked the air marshal’s ID after he cold cocked him. It would be emberressing to have hit the wrong guy.

I particulary love that Jack can do it without anyone noticing. I’ll have to try that(just kidding, DHS) next time there’s an annoying person in the seat next to me on my next plane trip.

I doubt the first lady is going to survive the night. She looks like she’s gonna OD any moment now.

What happened to Curtis, Henderon, Wayne and Audery?

Oh, and Chloe kicks major ass. Also, notice how she spoke like a normal person for just a second there, until she tasered the guy?