24: Season 5: Episode 19 (1:00am - 2:00am)

Last week SecDef Heller acts incomprehensibly. Goes against Jack and sucker punches him, to boot? Oh, ye woebegotten fools…

Logan snivels out of another one when Henderson shows up with another team of Rent-A-Thugs to recapture the only frickin copy of the evidence. Henderson should have saved his money, since he had to do all the work himself, after his team got blown up hiding behind a fuel truck. And now Audrey needs an industrial-sized Band-Aid.

Chloe talks her way past Sexual Harrassment Girl, and now the new-improved CTU headquarters are at Bill Buchanan’s house. And Aaron is MIA.

And would somebody please wake up Bierko and torture him already?!

24, Season 5, Episode 19
1:00 AM - 2:00 AM


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Just read that pres chief of staff Walt Cummings didn’t commit suicide. I must have missed that somehow. What’s the deal?

If Audrey survives this after being tortured a few hours ago, it is proof (if proof be needed) that she and Jack belong together. Their children will be immortal.

Ah, so Logan was already planning action against Henderson.

And apparently Walt wasn’t a suicide after all.

So who is this new bald bad guy? Isn’t this like the fourth or fifth “head” bad guy we’ve had so far?? And where the hell did Bierko go to anyway?

Well, they didn’t confirm that until Logan’s convertsation tonight. Although it was suspicious before – but never came back until now.

So is Heller really toast, or will he swim to the surface?

Oh, he just woke up.

I think Heller is holding his breath real good.

I’ve been suspecting that Walt had help committing suicide for quite a while.

So, who is the bald weasel that seems to be coordinating the President’s henchmen? And how come they seem able to commit random acts of skullduggery in the Presidential manor even when the Secret Service must be on high alert? Since when does the First Lady not have a cell phone?

The toll of innocents is adding up. Although nothing about the helicopter shadowing Heller makes any sense. First of all, none of the Bad Guys in 24 has demonstrated any ability to hit anything with a firearm. So since when can they accurately get a bead on a guy in a speeding car from a copter? Second – why are they lighting the Secretary up with the laser before they fail to get the word from Henderson? Not very subtle, is it?

Leaving Audrey alone with Henderson? An Audrey who at least in theory should be low on blood and shocky? That has bad idea written all over it. Looks like another tragic romance for Jack is a brewing.

Looks like Home Security Woman is finally twigging. Although she should probably already be worried about her job, given that her first order after taking over CTU was torturing the daughter of the Secretary of Defense.

Lost fifteen minutes due to @#$% Dishnetwork and rain fade.
That Og for C Band and KDVR at 9:00 CST. :slight_smile:


Next week:

Jack hi-hims a plane!

What does it mean, “hi-him”?

I recognize bad bald guy. He was in the movie “Fame.” Had red frizzy hair back then.

In the 24 universe, there’s always a BIGGER boss to be revealed. Maybe it’s the same group of multi-national conspirators who are behind the plot of “Prison Break.”

There was a line tonight at CTU about Bierko being in custody there.

Him = Jack

I believe it’s the transitive property of Jackness.

The new Big Bad looks like Evil Ron Howard, but he is really Dr. Romano from ER, possibly explaining all the helicopters in tonight’s episode. (And he is the third Robocop cast member, counting Henderson and Vice President Hal “Guy” Gardner.)

Spoilers for next week:

Get these motherfuckin’ Bauers off my motherfuckin’ plane!

That’s what I was wondering too. They’re tracking him without him knowing it, but as soon as he finds out they’re tracking him, the laser spot shows up on him. Hmmm…I think you can write him off your Christmas card list too.

Next week looks like a good one. Jack on the plane.

So it’s “Jack Hi Jack”?


Loved Audrey’s line to Jack, when he had the gun on Henderson, just before knocking him out instead: “Do it, Jack.”

Also liked the Chloe scenes, especially at the beginning.
“I’m going to need to use your computer, too, even though it kind of sucks.”
“Sorry about bossing you around… although technically I guess I don’t work for you any more”.

Audrey (or Jack) should have just shot Henderson. Sure, we need him alive, blah blah blah. I don’t know what for, any more. The more you leave him alive, the more havoc he manages to wreak, and he’s already proved that torture will not extract info out of him. Henderson desperately needs a bullet in the brain, right now.

[spoiler]Original sentence: Jack hi-hims a plane!


Replace and decode: Jack hi-jacks a plane![/spoiler]
Oy. This is why I don’t tell jokes.

Lou: That’s the only way that that movie could get any better–Bauer is the villian. I don’t know who would win that one. Too bad Grudge Match isn’t still operational.

Um…really hope I’m not being whooshed, but here goes…

In the previews Jack is shown basically hijacking a plane. Ergo, ipso facto, e plurbus unum, ad hoc, non sequitur, dues ex machina

It’s a president thing, right? Jack, John , JFK.
Don’t tell me, I’ll figure this out…John Hi John. John Hello John…