24: Season 5: Episode 21 (3:00am - 4:00am)

Jack has the recording back in his possession… or does he!!!
Henderson took it from him back at the airport… OR did he!!!
Heller took it from Jack and gave it to his henchman… OR did he!!!

Considering that nobody ever PLAYS the recording after they capture it, do we really know where the true recording is?

Well, no matter. The president doesn’t have time for recordings. He wants to blow up a plane. “Missile goes BOOOM!!! Hee hee hee! Now let’s shoot nukes at Russians, see big flashies in the sky! No! I don’t wanna nap! Want more Ka-BOOM!”

(Martha Logan: “Well dear, you’re never getting any ka-boom from me ever again…”)

24, Season 5, Episode 21
3:00 AM - 4:00 AM


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My local paper today says that…

We find out about Daddy Heller and Aaron tonight.

I’m looking forward to seeing Jack take down two F-16s with his handgun.

Just a thought…

Could HiJack dump the luggage compartment to create “chaff” to misdirect missiles fired at the plane? Highly unlikely to work in this universe, but in the 24 universe, who knows?My WAG anyway.

Oh sure, don’t even bother to torture Bierko for a while before you let him escape…

Black Bauer bluffs his way past the marines – nice… :slight_smile:

Oh pu-leeeeez! At 3:30 in the morning, in the midst of everything that’s going on, it suddenly becomes important to move Beirko across town??? I ain’t buying that one.

Too bad there wasn’t enough money in the budget to let the plane hit the overpass.

Oh Miles…Miles, Miles, Miles. You are entering a world of pain. A WORLD OF PAIN MILES.

Favorite new Jack Bauer Fact: Jack Bauer controls the laws of aerodynamics.

Amen to that! I thought it was going to hit, and the overpass would catch on the tail and make it do a wheelie or something. I was hoping… :wink:

So Miles is going to make the ONLY COPY of the recording all FUBAR, saving Logan’s ass…? And when CTU finally got their hands on it, did they PLAY it for Chloe and Karen and Bill and the people in on the loop to hear? More witnesses you know? And did they upload it to the frickin server? And to Chloe’s laptop? And to any other convenient backup storage locations? No. Of course not…

It’s a high-tech digital world, yet CTU agents are not trained in the ways of Copy and Paste…

Man, this show is really becoming taxing. I don’t know if I’ll bother next year. I know it’s tough to fill up 24 hours, but give us a break from the constant barrage of things going wrong. What a sorry episode.

Yet Miles has enough psychic ability (preview spoiler) to know what model of digital recorder the evidence is on, find an exactly matching model lying around somewhere, and swap it out in front of Bar-Lech-Zapping Woman. And Hack doesn’t drop a copy onto her laptop whilst cleaning it up?

But that cute little knee kiss? Sweet!

But hey, hurray for alive Heller!

And a second hurray for alive Aaron!

Oh,and boo hiss for alive President Wussyface. Who is yet again showing his inner wussiness.

I think the most unbelievable thing to happen in these 22 hours or so is that Chloe didn’t copy that important evidence BEFORE she began futzing with it. That just doesn’t happen, folks! I don’t care how tired and crabby she is.

And I wanna hire Black Bauer to be my personal bodyguard and liar! Damn! He’s good!

And I don’t want Jack to be all googly-eyed and holding that Audrey’s hand! Get back to work, Jack! There’s trouble afoot!

Ya know, I only half-caught the last few episodes because I was simultaneously playing poker online (heretofore to be known as “simul-poker”.) I think next week I may return to that method of watching 24.

Ah, the little pleasures of life… a running 24 commentary every Monday night on the Dope. I missed you, computer and high-speed internet…

Hell yeah! I knew Sen. Heller couldn’t be dead!

Are they setting up Logan as a hero?

Will George Mason save the plane?

Fuckinay. Even with the cheesy SFX, that landing was pretty damn cool. Semed like the plane stopped pretty quick once it touched down, though.

Wht the hell do people keep buying Hummers?!

Sheeit, is Bierko going to capture Jack or something ridiculous like that? That scene of him leaving was freaky.

Good thing the Marines’ perimeters are as porous as CTU’s.

Is Logan about to kill himself?

“It’s over.” Never, ever say those words on 24.

Holy crap, it looks like Logan swiped Inara’s mystery suicide kit. (Or Princess Buttercup’s, if that’s your bag.)

Miles, you slimy sumbitch. Jack, you shoulda went to Mr. Universe.

And yes, I’ve been reading a lot of TWoP recently.

And yes, I’ve been watchign a lot of Firefly.

Correcting a nitpick -

Miles didn’t swap the recorder with another one. Looked to me like he waved a (glowing, red) electromagnet at it.


Black Bauer is a Jedi! Who knew?
Marine: IDs please.
Curtis Kenobi: You don’t need to see our identifications.
Marine: We don’t need to see their identifications.
Curtis Kenobi: This isn’t the terrorist you’re looking for.
Marine: This isn’t the terrorist we’re looking for.
Curtis Kenobi: We can go about our business.
Marine: You can go about your business.
Curtis Kenobi: Move along.
Marine: Move along…move along.

A remote controll to erase it? :rolleyes: A super duper electromagnet with LEDs? WTF was that?

Whatever it was, it wasn’t an electromagnet. Remember, this was a digital recording, not an analog one.

So when do we get to find out who the bald guy is, or at least what his role is?

Our electronic evidence lab manager here at work would have freakin’ shit.

I think he’s got a better than average chance of meeting with a helicopter related accident in the next three hours.
I think Bauer might be Hellers illigitimate son. They apparently share the same indestructibility gene.

I still can’t believe they haven’t played the recording to anyone. Jack should have broken into a computer store and gotten some portable speakers and walked into CTU with that thing blasting. He played it for Heller, why not play it for the CTU people when he got there before handing it off to Chloe.

Now of course Miles is going to be saying “there wasn’t any evidence, Jack is crazy, you never heard it did you, blah blah blah”… although luckily Logan will probably have him killed so that’s something to look forward to.

Why the heck does it take Chloe so long to get the data off? Is it like USB 0.01 or something? She had the recording the whole time president wuss was contemplating suicide.

Where the hell is Wayne Palmer, in Buchanan’s basement?

This episode was a big letdown. I did think the landing was pretty intense, though. I kept thinking about this show I saw about the develoment of the 777 where they test the stress limit on the wings and they had them pointing almost straight up before critical failure. Shooting frozen birds into the engines was cool too.