Lost 6.7 "Dr. Linus"

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Team Jacob:
Team [del]Edward[/del] Smokey:

Kate and Jin are in Smokey’s camp but not on his team (I think). Ben is our wild card. In the last play Smokey made it into the temple and captured the flag. And by “captured the flag” I mean he killed a whole bunch of people.

Episode Summary for tonight:

Ben deals with the consequences of an uncovered lie.

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Just learned this in an interview w/ **Yunjin Kim ** (Sun) in NY Mag. It’s something that I hadn’t noticed from the first episodes of the season. If this was obvious to everyone else, I apologize, but I didn’t recall reading it anywhere on here.

When Jin and Sun are going through customs (when Jin gets detained), the customs agent calls Sun by her maiden name, Paik, indicating that Jin and Sun are not married in the flash-sideways.

When asked about this point, Kim said:

They do have a very different relationship. Let’s just put it that way.

Anyone else notice this discrepency between timelines?

Full interview here.

Hello Ninja, I had not noticed that!

Korean custom is that the female keeps their maiden name, I think I said this somewhere in the previous threads of this season. This usage of Paik isn’t exactly something huge imo. They could probably use it to be.

From Wikipedia:

I think somebody pointed out in the first thread of the season that Sun also wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.

Was Jin wearing one last week?

In the ATL? Don’t remember. Were his hands tied behind his back?

I hope they show us some good Ben backstory tonight.

Backstory? Meaning in his sideway world?

“How different our lives would have been if we’d stayed”




I was just saying to my wife, “So…they did go to the Island, right?”

Of course. Ben and his Dad left the island in the sideway world.

Candidates to replace Jacob - only 6 left!

“He’s also not stalling.”

He’s also not Stalin!

I love this episode! Love that Miles can tell about Nikki and what’s his face and the diamonds!
Oh, and dumb Jacob thought Ben wouldn’t stab him. and Jacob gave Richard a “gift”

Sounds like Richard was on the boat.

I think someone posted that hypothesis on this board a few episodes back.

So what WILL it be, Dr. Linus?

Wow - I think Jacob is on the side of good, for sure

I think so, too.

I guess Jack, Richard, and Ben are on Team Jacob, now.