24: Redemption

FAQ Bauer (aka Thread Rules)
1) What can be discussed in plain text, unboxed?
A: Any events in episodes, once aired on the east coast – as well as any speculation based on these already-aired events.

2) What should I confine to spoiler boxes?
A: Any discussion of upcoming shows that contains information from sources outside the aired material, or any speculation based on such things. This includes the “Next week on 24” previews, which some people choose not to watch. (I doubt this will apply for tonight’s special).

3) Will Chloe be in this special episode?
A: What…EVER…!

Previously on 24…

  • Jack Bauer went to jail for 48 days.
  • Only half of Season 7 was ready when the writers’ strike hit.
  • Season 7 premiere delayed for another full year. Ack!

And we’re back! Finally we get some more 24. And it looks like we’ll be away from CTU, so perhaps some fresh life breathed into the series?

Regardless… Jack’s back!

24 Redemption (Season 7 Prequel?)


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So now that we’re an hour in, and Jack has a mission – help get the kids to the Embassy… I have a feeling that this will end with the U.S. troops taking Jack back into custody when he shows up, and he’ll have to go answer to his subpoena after all – leading into Season 7.

A bit of a slow start, but it kicked into high gear when Jack started defending the school. And all without CTU cell-phone/satellite/virusy-computer support!

So I’m wondering why President Squarejaw is still the president. What happened to Wayne Palmer? I assume this was still his official administration. But he was only injured in Season 6, to my recollection – he survived, I believe… So it would seem Wayne Palmer should still be pres?

I mean, if this is the end of Wayne Palmer’s term, then it’s already 12+ years after Season 1 (3 presidential terms, plus time since the primary). Or did Daniels get elected for a term after Wayne Palmer, in which case it’s now 16+ years after Season 1…?

I’m guessing the former, which means we’ve had the last two presidents get injured and apparently end their terms (or die?), leaving the V.P. to take over. Good reason to not want to run for President!

Willies gonna get capped…

…or not.

So it ended at 5:00:00. Did it start at 3, was there a 3 hour gap somewhere, various variable gaps,or what? (I watched it on and off)

From the preview:

… kill you and this time you will stay dead



I started the first thread for the first season.

I was just curious enough to see who did it and was surprised to see it was me.

That is all.
I rule!!!

That’s not until January.
Calm yourself.

He meant Season 1 – looking back at the thread history.

Just thinking… if it’s truly been 12+ years in “24 time” since Season 1, then Kim Bauer ought to be 30 by now. Wonder if she still gets caught in animal traps…

Oh, and for a schoolteacher, Jack’s buddy isn’t much for critical thinking.

“No, the only solution is for me to stand here and die when the baddies arrive.”

Rather than, “Hey Jack, do we have anything heavy, like a big pack, that we could slide onto this booby-trap land-mine simultaneously (and carefully) as I slide my foot off – you know, to hold this puppy down while we all escape?”

They’ve continued with one bad habit from seasons past. Using the split screen unnecessarily. In early seasons dividing the screen to show the action that was taking place simultaneously at different locations made sense. In recent years they have lost sight of this purpose. Tonight, once the screen was split to show a guy talking on his cell phone from two different angles. The next time was even worse. They split the screen to show the president’s son and his wife in two different boxes when they were having the conversation in the back seat of the limo only a foot or so apart from each other! This misuse calls attention to the gimmick and just seems stupid.

Other than that, this episode delivered everything I expect from “24”. The fun with meeting new characters is guessing who the weasels are, who the virtuous are and who appears virtuous but is really a weasel. Plus torture, stuff blowing up, sacrifice, ect. Looks like “24” to me.

THey could use a cougar trap…

Or Kim… :smiley:


OK, so seriously, does anyone actually think this season’s gonna be good? Really? I’ve watched religiously since Season 1, and…meh. I thought this movie was going to possibly get me amped up to watch, but I think it’s done the opposite.

IF (and that’s a big if) I actually watch this season, I’m going to spend the entire time wondering what excuse they’re going to use to detonate a third nuclear bomb.

Although, if my count is correct, we’ve had four presidents (current or not at the time) die or seem to die. My full enthusiasm will return if the show can find a way for Jack to mount an army of zombie presidents to neutralize this year’s threat!

Yeah, this season so far has some serious meh potential.

Two things:

  1. That was Gil Bellows? Holy crap, for a second there I thought it was Diedrich Bader. My bad.

  2. I was a little confused about what time it was. We were well into it when they mentioned it was morning in DC, so 3:00 to 5:00 must have been local time in Africa. So will the entire season take place in Africa, or was this just a transitional episode?

I’m assuming it’s transitional since Jack’s being brought back to 'merca now.

“I’ll never go back! Never!!! You can’t ma–wait, where did you say this plane was headed? Crap…”

Yeah, the time thing confused me, too. What time does the inauguration normally happen?


Okay. All I ever think of is the Inaugural Ball, I guess.

The official part of the Inauguration (the “I do solemnly swear” bit) takes place at noon EST. They had to fudge the timeline here because Madam President was already giving her speech by 11:55 or so. The nation of Sengala apparently runs on GMT time, putting it on the western bulge somewhere.