SDMB Book Recommendation Thread Compendium

I got really bored this morning.

I find myself often searching the SDMB for book rec threads from the past, and figured I’m probably not the only one, and some of these are tough to find due to search issues, so here’s all of the ones I turned up. I do not claim that this is comprehensive. They’re in reverse “last post date” order, starting with most recent:

Suggestions for books about fortune tellers? 2/28/11

Recs for books on novel writing? 1/25/11

Books you’d describe as being a “dark Narnia” 12/23/10

Recommend a Fantasy series to me, please 12/20/10

Looking for a history book rec - Norman Dynasty 12/1/10

Favorite Star Trek Books? 11/30/10

Recommend me some mysteries! 9/25/10

Need book recommendations! Light-hearted fantasy or historical fiction? 9/13/10

Urban fantasy books that AREN’T Harlequin romances with magic? 7/26/10

African History Book Suggestions 7/11/10

Science Fiction - Newer Books! 7/1/10

Book recs needed - international relations, economics, or other meaty non-fiction 5/28/10

Recommend a sci-fi book for a female non sci-fi fan? 5/13/10

Another sci-fi recommendation thread 5/7/10

Calling all Steampunk book recommendations 1/21/10

Need some book recs - civilians vs murderers 1/6/10

Fairy tales recommendation 11/21/09

What nonfiction music book should I read? 7/27/09

Children’s book recommendation for 7-18 month old 7/8/09

Book recommendation on astrophysics for an 8th grader 2/11/09

Nonfiction recommendations, please 6/17/08

Favorite books on economics? 3/6/08

Any good random nonfiction book recommendations? 2/16/08

What were your favorite OBSCURE children’s books? 1/20/08

Recommend some nonfiction dealing with psychology 11/28/07

Need train related book recommendations 11/28/07

What’s your favorite book that nobody else reads? 2/21/07

Recommend Me Your Favorite Horror Or Murder Mystery Book 9/23/06

Recommend some entertaining nonfiction, please 9/4/06

What to read after Catcher in the Rye (book recommendation) 8/7/06

Recommendation for junior Roman Empire fiction? 8/2/06

Favorite “self help” books 11/27/05

Yet another book recommendation thread: Historical fiction 6/8/05

What is your favorite reference book? 3/28/05

Best Science Fiction short story ever? 3/21/05

Book recommendation request: Exotic mysteries 1/7/05

Recommendation for a book on evolution 5/24/04

Time for another fantasy recommendation thread! 4/24/04

Chicago Book Suggestions 1/12/04

Book recommendation request - Watergate 9/6/03

Your favorite fictionalized biographies 9/03/03

Please recommend nonfiction that a teenager would enjoy 8/16/03

Stuck in a rut - need new Sci Fi authors 7/18/03

Most intriguing/mind-expanding nonfiction? 6/25/03

Need recommendation on military strategy/history books. 6/17/03

Need recommendations for historical nonfiction books (multiple subjects) 3/19/03

Book recommendation for 11-year-old girl 12/13/02

Your favorite “time travel” novel? 11/24/02

Read Aloud Couples Book Suggestions? 3/24/02

Seeking sci-fi book suggestions [about time-travel/invisibility] 6/30/01

Wanted: history book recommendation 1/13/01

What’s your favorite Sci-Fi book series? 11/24/00

Book recommendation needed: Irish history 10/16/00

How cool is that - thread subscribed to.


Well, WordMan and I may be the only two people interested in this, but what the hell, might as well keep up with it.
Recommend novels similar to Robert B. Parker “Spenser” series

I’m glad you did this. I’ve been looking for a new book for my kindle.

Awesome. I’m subscribing too.

I’ve been subscribed for a while. Thanks for doing this.

Books for Toddlers, 3/24/10

End of the World Fiction:

If I like King’s The Stand, I’ll also enjoy… (5/1/08)

Looking for Post-Apocalyptic Fiction (1/16/09)

Looking for Recent Post-Apocalyptic Book (12/18/09)

Recommend a “realistic” post-apocalyptic story without magic, cyborgs or zombies! (6/14/10)

Good New Post-Apocalyptic Book - Rise Again (1/30/11) - turns into recommendations after the first reply.

We’ll be due for another one in July it looks like.

Bridging the gap to audiobooks:

Recommend Some Good Audio Books
What’r your favorite audiobooks?
Recommed some audio books for me.
What should be my first Audiobook?

Awesome idea for a thread. It should be a sticky.

I should go update that thread - I’ve read another really good post-apocalyptic book. :slight_smile: (Great thread! I’ll be bookmarking this puppy!)

And if you had suggested this to the mods, we could have done it when you thought of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead, I’ll do it now.

Dude. I think this is my first-ever sticky! Thanks, twicks. I’m glad this is proving to be of use. (I mean, to people other than me. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Most awesome!!! Thanks!! :smiley:

Good movies/books on punk rock scene?
Recommend an audiobook
Recommend a book for a class of 11th grade students.
Kids’ books suggestions, please
Recommend a lengthy, enjoyable paperback novel

Excellent idea, MsWhatsit! I collect these threads, so here are a few more that aren’t in your list:

Recommend British Murder Mysteries

Recommend some big fat historical fiction

Fantasy for people who don’t like Fantasy

Recommend Vampire Books please

Recommend me some “behind the scenes” books

Books about time travel?

Recommend some ‘realistic’ science fiction books

Recommend a fantasy newbie some books

Embarrassing request: Books with good romances

Great idea for a thread - thanks, MsWhatsit!

It’s a John Hughes movie plot: after an initial seeming-rejection (well, except for the geeky dude whose attention you had already (see Post #2)), you win over the school and even become…a sticky-post!

Where’s the slow clap crowd climax when you need it?!