24: Season 8: Episode 12 (3:00am - 4:00am)

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3) What is Cole thinking right now?
A: I thought she was smart, but my girl is as dumb as a box of rocks. I am sooooo not marrying this brainless flake.

Previously on 24:

  • Dana continues to tell everybody who calls her on the phone, “Kevin who? I don’t know any Kevin? What, you didn’t ask about anybody named Kevin? Who’s Kevin? Not that he’s even alive. Or dead! Or how would I even know ha ha! I have nothing to Kevin… er… hide!”

  • And now she gets to take orders from Chloe.

  • Apparently Renee is taking a nap. Just one more bit of evidence that she’s not at Jack-level yet. But she’s still aspiring to be. Maybe one day…

  • Meanwhile, Jack grills TerrorKid for information, gets him to name Hassan’s chief of security, and then… pushes Marco back into the chamber so that he can BLOW UP! Jack flies across the room, gets up, brushes off the shrapnel, and calls in the new lead.

And tonight’s episode will put us to the halfway point on the season.

24, Season 8, Episode 12
3:00 AM - 4:00 AM


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You aren’t giving the box of rocks enough credit.

Who’s worse - season 2 Kim or season 8 Dana?

Was just about to take bets on how long idiot sgt would survive, but couldn’t type fast enough.

Yeah, I was trying to find the thread. We wouldn’t have any takers, anyway. :slight_smile:

How did terrorist leader know that bomb boy had talked?

YES! He was my…BOY FRIEND!

Yes. I need you to sink someone else in the river.

The President of Somewhereistan is an Elvis Impersonator.

What do you expect? Dana took his stapler and he wants it back.

Can I call them, or can I?

…Or not?

I’d like to buy a clue.

Who wants to be a MEEEYOONAAIRE?

Recorded, and watching now (after the fact). Making my observations as I watch…

Wow, sarge is an idiot… as least he wasn’t an idiot for much longer…
You’d think during that hallway ambush, Kyla might have screamed “OVER HERE” or something…

Jack should have known they weren’t in the cab. Terrorists pulled that same tunnel/underpass trick back in season 4. Marwan’s people.

So I guess Kyla’s going to want to break up with Tarin now. Or is there a Hallmark “I’m Sorry I Kidnapped You And Threatened Your Life As Leverage Against Your Father” card and gift basket you can buy to defuse this sort of relationship problem?

File 33 – probably intelligence on the US they shouldn’t have?
… Yep.

“With all due respect, madam… YOUR family brought this threat to MY country.” nice…

Tarin was stupid for getting the phone out FIRST (after starting the car), rather than taking off FIRST. There goes their leverage, driving away. But will Hassan give up now and send the real file, breaking before he realizes she’s free… I almost thought Kyla was going to get out and go to dead Tarin’s side, rather than drive off. She made the smart choice.

They’d better not tell me the secret tunnels under the bank are going to lead to under CTU… If they pull that again, I’m going to have to go apeshit on a writer for copying a prior season’s plot (season 6?)

Ahhh… the escape was a ploy. Did they plant something on her, or on the car? Bomb going to blow up at CTU? Or something surveillance-wise? I mean, if they kill Nadia, that definitely won’t convince Hassan to hand over File 33!

Well, that EMP will inadvertently save Dana’s ass. At least for a little while. No way to retrieve parole-officer-guy’s security-cam evidence at the moment. Not with all of CTU’s systems all FUBAR. At least they got Nadia out. Now what happens if Nadia drove a little slower, or got stuck behind a slow dude or something. She arrived conveniently with like 30 seconds left on the bomb.

HOW did Hastings know it was an EMP anyways? Does the bomb have “ACME EMP BOMB” written on it in big letters or something?

It happens every year.
Princess Toadstool will get kidnapped.
The Triforce will be shattered.
CTU will be bombed.

Something I don’t understand:

Tarin was originally in the president’s car, which was supposed to have been bombed. So he would have been killed. So he couldn’t have taken the lead role in the plot to kidnap the president’s daughter. So was this elaborate kidnap plot thought up by the terrorists in the few hours after the car bombing attempt failed?

I’ve probably been thinking about this too much.

Shitty thing for Sgt. Anus to do. Had he listened to Jack, we probably could have ended the episode half an hour early.

Well played! This is as good as Milton has looked since No Country For Old Men.

So very true. Thinking = Oil; 24 = Water.

Can we all at least pray that Dana meets some terrible end where she’s redeemed for being the biggest waste in 24 history?

Dana is Secretariat compared to Kim.

Boy, NYPD SWAT guys are surprisingly easy to take out. Aren’t they supposed to wear bullet-proof vests or something? Or did he shoot all those guys in the head?