The "Ask The...." Anthology (Or, a list of EVERY major "Ask the..." thread that was ever made)

Okay, so…this is now version 5.0. I’ve made this topic five times now.
Well, really, I made it in 2005 originally and have just updated it since then with all the new “Ask the…” topics.
Still, this took hours. Not just one or two hours either, I’m talking about 5-7 hours over a few days. So please go easy on me if you see mistakes.
The last updated version was in 2008. I have added all of the “Ask the…” threads from/made in the last three years to the grand list, so the list is fully updated now.
It has ALMOST every “Ask The…” topic since the beginning to, well, yesterday, although a few aren’t here. Basically in order to get onto this list the topic must have gotten at least 10 replies. So if you don’t see your topic here, you may want to think back to if it garnered that many responses.

If anyone notices any links that link to the wrong topic or that are broken, just let me know and I’ll fix them next year.

Have fun reading!

(This will take multiple posts in a row to post in full)

Age/Time Specific

Ask the Other Teenager*
Ask the 1950s style ex-Teddy boy
Ask the 35 Year Old who has for a year now (and counting) been Dating a Teenager
Ask the 50’s Dad
Ask the 50’s Mom
Ask the 60-yr-old guy who hiked out of Grand Canyon
Ask the American Teen*
Ask the Australian Teenage Guy…
Ask the Australian Teenager
Ask the Canadian Teenager…*
Ask the Cougar
Ask the five year old child
Ask the former teenage mother who gave her baby up for adoption
Ask the guy who engaged in adult behaviors and got beatdowns in middleschool & Didn’t feel bullied.
Ask the male teenager
Ask the Middle Aged Curmudgeon
Ask the nomadic Mormon teenager
Ask The Old (Late 60’s-Early 70’s) DJ Something
Ask the old fart learning to play piano!
Ask the old Fart who is finally just learning to play hockey
Ask the other teenage guy!*
Ask the pimply teenage fast food worker
Ask the Teenager!*

Jokes, Parodies and "Teh funny"

Ask Charlie Sheen
Ask Hulk
Ask a Moron!
Ask that Hindenburg Annoucer Guy
Ask the ‘time traveler from the future’*
Ask the Apathetic Guy.
Ask the attention whore who loves talking about himself
Ask the Average Guy!
Ask the Cat*
Ask the Cat*
Ask the Chronic Procrastinator
Ask the Complete and Total Asshole!
Ask the Cranky Old Malcontent
Ask the criminal mastermind about to take over the world.
Ask the Dalek
Ask the Dead Chipmunk
Ask the Devil’s Advocate
Ask the emu!
Ask the Easily Bored Person
Ask the Evil Overlord*
Ask the Evil SuperVillian*
Ask the evil villian who is about to kill you once and for all!*
Ask the Extraterrestial
Ask the Felcher
Ask the guy who claims he’s 4000+ years old
Ask the guy who doesn’t have any answers!
Ask the Guy Who Doesn’t Like to Answer Questions
Ask the Guy who has become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds
Ask the guy who hasn’t yet blown his hand off in a drunken 4th of July accident
Ask the guy who holds humanity in contempt
Ask the guy who is hiding in your bushes.
Ask the guy who is NOT a pedophile
Ask the guy who is not a Scientologist
Ask the guy who just lost a bet to the devil!
Ask the guy who just saw Goblet of Fire
Ask the guy who knows everything about everything
Ask the guy who knows very little about Puff Daddy
Ask the guy who misunderstands followup posts
Ask the guy who say TROY!
Ask the guy who will answer the “ask the guy” questions
Ask the guy who will reply in image
Ask the Guy Who Won’t Reply to Any Questions
Ask the guy who’s got a lot of time on his hands and enjoys talking about himself
Ask the man who’s having a religious experience RIGHT NOW!
Ask the guy who’s sick of all the “Ask The <insert topic>?” threads
Ask the guy with all the answers
Ask the hamsterette!
Ask the handsome fellow
Ask the hung-over, department-store Santa
Ask the kid who doesn’t know much of anything
Ask the King of Awsomeness!
Ask the Living Avatar of GURTHEK, Lord of All He Purveys and Pretender to the Flown
Ask the Mycon
Ask the Passive Aggressive Guy
Ask the PMSing Woman
Ask the person who has seen Mel Gibson’s THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST (spoilers likely)
Ask the polydimensionally motile intergalactic alien.
Ask the Psychic*
Ask the Psychic*
Ask the Putz!
Ask the Raving Lunatic
Ask Supernova!
Ask the Supreme Leader
Ask the Time Traveler*
Ask the Toaster!
Ask the viciously rich Super Bowl pedophile!
Ask the anti-Cecil
Ask the argumentative bastard
Ask the Devil’s Advocate
Ask the Member of an Internet Message Board
Ask the Messiah. No really he came here to answer
Ask the person channeling Hillary Clinton
Ask the Protocol Droid
Ask the Stanist

Member Specific

Ask Dr. Happy O. Lendervedder, leader & leadership authority
Ask Inigo Montoya
Ask Miss Nym
Ask Q.E.D anything!
Ask Qadrop’s Kid!
Ask Superdude!
Ask the Governor
Ask the Intergalactic Gladiator
Ask the…well, me!
Ask Torgo!
Ask Winston’s Co-Workers

Ask A Short Fused Pyromaniac With Issues Gal!
Ask the AI
Ask the bandwagon-hopping #3 chick
Ask the fellow who bought an iPad on launch day
Ask the former stripper/current housewife( and mother)/raving bitch.
ask the guy taking a third sick day on a monday with a bag of frozen peas between his legs
Ask the guy who lives around the corner and just likes to say things…
Ask the guy who hasn’t lost his wallet, but doesn’t know where it is.
Ask the guy who’s downloaded at the Retrosheet baseball data into a database.
Ask the guy typing answers on an iTouch.
Ask the guy who just picked up thirty CD Jewel Cases off the floor.
Ask the guy who’s been an SDMB board member for 10 years today
Ask the guy who’s having frozen corn dogs for dinner
Ask the guy whose Ambien is finally kicking in
Ask the guy with $186.00 in his wallet.
Ask the guy with 17 currencies in his wallet
Ask the guy with a really bad headache
Ask the “Household Guide or Domestic Cyclopedia” c1900
Ask the Iditarodaholic…also restaraunt manger…
Ask the Internet Oracle Priest.
Ask the Jack-In-The-Box
Ask the Lord
Ask the magic 8 ball*
Ask the Magic 8 Ball*
Ask the Magic Crystal Ball!
Ask the Mythbusters!
Ask the girl with the makeshift Ouija board
Ask the pathological liar
Ask the person who just clipped his toenails
Ask the straight, white, married, employed guy
Ask the Wacky American Chick Who Watched the Soviet Union Collapse
Ask the white, male, upper middle class, somewhat conservative, taxpayer
Ask The Woman That’s Currently PMSing

Nationality, Race, Religion, or Location Specific

Ask the (atheist) Hindu
Ask the Aid Worker in Iraq
Ask the Alaskian Guy…
Ask the American ExPat™ who lives in Brazil
Ask Another Muslim Guy*
Ask the Arab Guy
Ask the Asocial Korean Teenager Living in Guatemala…
sk The Atheist Raised As A Jehovah’s Witness…
Ask The Australian Gun Owner
Ask the Baha’i Woman
Ask the Black Guy*
Ask the Black Guy*
Ask the BLACK WOMAN!!! nothing is too ignorant…i hope…
Ask the Brit bloke*
Ask the Buddhist
Ask a Catholic*
Ask the Catholic Guy
Ask the Canadian, eh?
Ask the chick from/living in Missouri!
Ask the convert to (Conservative) Judism
Ask the “crazy” settler
Ask the Doper who lived in the Boonies
Ask the Drunken Irishman.
Ask the Dutch Guy!
Ask Eritrean Guy
Ask the ex-Morman
Ask the Ex-Pat (a Yank living in South Africa)
Ask the fairly average British bloke*
Ask the former Cuban Communist!
Ask the former fundamentalist who was exposed to (and accepted) evolution
Ask the (former) Fundy Preacher
Ask the former Mormon missionary (and current atheist)
Ask the gal who just had a full immersion baptism
Ask the girl who’s moving back home to Ohio after 5 years in SoCal
Ask the Gora Sikah
Ask the guy from El Salvador
Ask the Guy From Montana
Ask the Guy From Northern Ontario
Ask the guy in Bagdad
Ask the Guy in Mosul, Iraq
Ask the Guy in Saudi Arabia
Ask the guy in Tbilisi, Georgia
Ask the Guy Who Claims to be from Delaware.
Ask the guy who lived in Liberia.
Ask the guy who went to the Episcopal General Convention
Ask the guy who’s fasting for Ramadan
Ask the Hindu/Indian Guy*
Ask the Hindu*
Ask the Indian living in India
Ask the Iraqi Information Minister
Ask the Irish Bloke*
Ask the Irish Guy?*
Ask the Islamic Guys
Ask the Israeli/American
Ask the Isreali Guy.
Ask the Jew Who’s Reading the “Left Behind” Series
Ask the Jewish settler
Ask the Kiwi bloke
Ask the Man in Japan
Ask the Melungeon!
Ask a Methodist!
Ask the Mexican Guy!
Ask the Middle Class White Guy
Ask the Mormon*
Ask the Mormon Gal!
Ask a muslim*
Ask a muslim man
Ask a new Baha’i
Ask the New Orleans Guy About Mardi Gras
Ask a non-practicing Catholic
Ask the Northern Irish Person
Ask the Ohio provisional voter!
Ask the Orthodox Christian
Ask the Orthodox Jew/ Amateur theologian
Ask the Pakistani Guy…
Ask the Pakistani Lawyer
Ask The Patriotic American Intellectual Conservative Christian
Ask the person from a small town in Southeast Kansas!
Ask the resident of the 14th most miserable city in the US
Ask the Satanist
Ask the Shi`a Nizari Ismaili Muslim Woman
Ask the Singaporean guy!
Ask the Soldier in Afghanistan
Ask me anything about St Louis
Ask the Swedish-born Egyptian guy living in California
Ask the Swedish Chick!
Ask a traditional Catholic*
Ask the Turk
Ask the volunteer in Camaroon.
Ask the white chick who has only ever dated black dudes
ask the White guy who is married to the Black Woman
Ask the White Male Black Lesbian
Ask the WI guy!
Askin’ the Alaskan*
Ask the (white) African
Ask the American
Ask the British Asian-Indian guy
Ask the Finn
Ask the guy in Dubai!
Ask the Islandic dude
Ask the Los Angeles Native
Ask the Pakistani Guy
Ask the Swedish Guy

Opinions and Thoughts

Ask me about my abortion
Ask the Anarcho Capitalist
Ask the atheist, 15 year old, male Hoosier.*
Ask the Atheist*
Ask the Atheist Guy*
Ask the atheists
Ask the Commie Bastard!
Ask the Conservative Christian Theologian!
Ask the Conservative Evangelical Christian Hopeful Universalist
Ask the Crazy Chick Who Believes in the Mythos
Ask the Creationist
Ask the Dude Who can Explain David Blaine’s Magic.
Ask the Former Creationist/Biblical Literalist
Ask the female Pagan college student…
Ask the former John Bircher…
Ask the girl who switched to Dvorak keyboard
Ask the Grammar Harpy
Ask a guy about abortion
Ask the guy raised in an Orgone-energy-believing household
Ask the guy wearing a nice pair of brown wing-tips about love, life and his outfit
Ask the Guy with the Greatest Lawn Care Advice Anywhere! Got issues? Check in here!
Ask the guy who’s just read Lord of the Rings
Ask the Guy Who Just Reread Neil Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle for the Third Time
ask the guy who wants to help you listen to better music
Ask the Guys who are in Love with Techchick
Ask the guy who’s rereading all of Heinlein
Ask the Horsewoman
Ask the Libertarian*
Ask the Libertarian Objectivist Christian
Ask the lifelong Michael Jackson fanatic
Ask the Neo-Con!
Ask the Neo-Pagan Guy
Ask the Nihilistic Anarchist with unpopular ideas about the world
Ask the OneNote Power User
Ask the organizer of the Ottawa Panhandlers’ Union
Ask the person openly bearing various prejudices
Ask the person who just read the Twilight series
Ask the person who knows a lot about Irish traditional music.
Ask the person who’s seen a lot of movies this year
Ask the Practical Libertarian
Ask the quiet gal!
Ask the Randi $1M challenge applicant
Ask the Seminary Student
Ask the Socialist candidate for the European Parliament election
Ask the Spouse of a Disabled Person
Ask the surrealist!
Ask the weirdo going No-Poo
Ask the widow of an alcoholic
Ask the Woman Who Had an Abortion
Ask the woman who just finished Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!
Ask the woman who put a child up for adoption
Ask the Woman Whose Kid Has Exotic Pets
Ask the guy who’s about to radically alter his appearance (long intro)
Ask the homeschooler
Sexual Preference/Gender Based

Ask the (former) Asexual
Ask a black gay guy!
Ask “The Straight Eye for the Gay Guy”
Ask Bi Guy, (or ‘Cheffie takes one more step out of the closet’)*
Ask the bisexual male teenager*
Ask the child raised by two gay men
Ask the closeted bisexual guy!
Ask the crossdresser
Ask the Gay Guy’s Housemates
Ask the Bi Guy; and, The Great Bisexual FAQ (Part 1)*
Ask the gay guy*
Ask the Gay KID
Ask the Lesbian!
Ask a Man
Ask the Not A Guy
Ask the straight guy*
Ask the “straight” guy*
Ask the Straight Guy
Ask the straight married turned lesbian
Ask the transsexual! (FtM)
Ask the Transgendered Person
Ask the Uber Hetro-Male

Talents. Hobbies, and Groups

Ask the (returned) Peace Corps Volunteer
Ask the (sort of) Linguist Guy
Ask the alleged Workaholic
Ask the Americorps member
Ask the Australian Gun Owner
Ask the bloke who’s forgotten more about cricket than you’ll ever know
Ask the British History Geek
Ask the BDSM Guy
Ask the Celticist
Ask the Chief Resident
Ask the Dairy Farmer’s Daugher.
Ask the DDR Player
Ask the Disney Freak!
Ask the E3 Guy*
Ask the E3 Guy*
Ask the Elk
Ask the ex-Furry (please don’t spit on me)
Ask the Firearms Historian
Ask the Former Restroom-Sex Afficionado (in light of the Sen. Craig scandal)
Ask the Freemason
Ask the Freemason
Ask the Geography Maven
Ask the girl who knows a lot about makeup
Ask a Gun Enthusiast
Ask the guy attending the network upfronts
Ask the guy in a perpetual state of readiness… for almost anything.
Ask the guy organizing a charity tea event!
Ask the guy that lives full time in a motor home.
Ask the guy who has no idea what he is doing at an comedy club’s Open Mic night
Ask the guy who is pretty good at SF Story Identification
Ask the guy who just built a Fedora desktop
Ask the guy who knows way too much about Futurama
Ask the guy who knows way too much about the tsunami
Ask the guy who lives in a pro-dominatrix dungeon
Ask the guy who plays too much Guild Wars…
Ask the guy with a Facebook profile
Ask the guy with a Zune
Ask the Harry Potter Nut
Ask the hockey guy
Ask the Horse Person
Ask the Hydroponic Gardener
Ask the Icebear (aka guy who visits brothels)
Ask the irritated E3 guy.
Ask the kimono (and other Japanese stuff) girl
Ask the Linguist
Ask the Middle-Class Guy
Ask the NASCAR fan
Ask the nude sleeper anything!
Ask the nudist
Ask the paintball player
Ask the people who buy milk in bags…
Ask the Person on Food Stamps
Ask the person with the Sous Vide Supreme
Ask the pro poker player.
Ask the Recumbent Bike Rider
Ask the SAHM. Please. I need to talk to grown ups.
Ask the SCA Noob
Ask the Soft Paws User (Kitty-Related Thread)
Ask the Straight Dope Frat Boy! ™
Ask the Street Fighter Master
Ask the Terrible Advice Fairy
Ask the Unitarian Universalist*
Ask the Unitarian Universalist (aka the liberal wacko)*
Ask the breastfeeding mom
Ask the Bulwer-Lytton contest judge
Ask the Cyber Dom/Sadist
Ask the diplobrat
Ask the guy who is pretty good at SF Story Identification
Ask the guy who just went to an Obama rally…
Ask the Juror
Ask the Nude Beach Enthusiast
Ask the Poolhall Guy
Ask the Sadist
Ask the Sociolinguist
Ask the United Church of Christ Member
Ask the Wannabe Nun
Ask the Wife who also happens to be a 24/7 sex slave (TMI possible)
Ask a Wikipedian

The Things That Make Us Different (but not any less of a great person!)
Ask the adoptee(s)
Ask the Anosmic
Ask the Aspie
Ask the autistic person
Ask the chick with dreadlocks
Ask the Color Blind Dude…*
Ask the crappy eater
Ask the Deaf Person
Ask the depressed person…
Ask the Diabetic (possible TMI)
Ask the Doper with herpes (TMI probable)
Ask the drunk guy
Ask the fertility patient.
Ask the girl with bipolar disorder
Ask the girl with glasses
Ask the fat guy!
Ask the girl who is doing an Intrauterine Insemination
Ask the guy being treated for anxiety and OCD…
Ask the guy getting a new wheelchair
Ask the guy in Eyeliner!
Ask the guy in the 99.9th %ile for height
Ask the guy on dialysis
Ask the guy who doesn’t make blood!
Ask the guy who has Pica
Ask the guy who has whooping cough!
Ask the guy who’s severely color-blind*
Ask the guy with a really small dick
Ask The Guy With Early Onset Alzheimer’s
Ask the guy with Exploding Head Syndrome
Ask the guy with Locked In Syndrome
Ask the Highly Sensitive Person
Ask the hydrophobe!
Ask the learning disabled student.
Ask the man with one testicle
Ask the only child
Ask the Paralyzed Guy
Ask the person with an anxiety disorder.
Ask the person who lived in nursing homes for 4 years
Ask the (mostly reformed) psycho
Ask the Poor Girl
Ask the Prosopagnosia
Ask the right handed guy
Ask the Self-Injurer
Ask the Synesthetes
Ask the Synesthetes (reprise)
Ask the Twin
Ask the woman receiving transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression
Ask the woman with schizoid personality disorder
Ask the Dwarf (or little person, or any other term you want to use)
Ask the High Functioning Autistic
Ask the recovered from an anxiety disorder person
Threads in a Series/Has Sequels

Ask the comic book guy
Ask the comic book guy 2
Ask the Cancer Patient
Ask the Cancer Patient (again)
Ask the Chick Who’s One Month Pregnant
Ask the Chick Who’s Two Months Pregnant
Ask the Chick Who’s Three Months Pregnant
Ask the Chick Who Was Recently Four, is Currently Five, and is Soon-to-be Six Months Pregnant
Ask the Chick Who’s Six Months Pregnant
Ask the Chick Who’s Seven Months Pregnant
Ask the Chicken Who’s Eight Months Pregnant
Ask an Elf on Summer Vacation
Ask an Elf Just Back on the Job
Ask The Guy Who Owned an Exotic Pet Store.
Ask the Exotic Pet Guy: Part 2
Ask the hugely pregnant chick
Ask the new mom (formerly the hugely pregnant chick)
Ask the Man Who Had a Colonoscopy
Ask the Man Who Had a Colonoscopy - the Sequel
Ask the Muslim Guy*
Ask the Muslim Guy, Part Deux
Ask Michael Ellis (Parte Dos)
Ask Michael Ellis
Ask the Paramedic
Ask the Paramedic II
Ask the teenager!*
Ask the Teenager II !
Ask the Gay Guy!
Ask the Gay Guy II!
Ask the Gay Guy III!
Ask the Gay Guy IV!
Ask the guy who works in a chain restaurant
Ask the chain restaurant worker, part: the two!
Ask a Starbucks bartista anything!
Ask the Starbucks barista anything! (Part Deux)

True Stories, Stunning Feats, and Impressive Achievements

Ask me about my Brazilian Blowout on The Hair From Hell (aka THFH)
Ask the 8+ month pregnant lady…or just entertain her with your horror stories.
Ask the 9/11 Survivor
Ask a transplant recipient
Ask the (soon-to-be) Bone Marrow Doner*
Ask the about-to-be-married chick or ACK only a few hours left of my singlehood
Ask the Adult Child of a Hoarder/Clutterer
Ask the almost journalist who wants to ask the journalist
Ask the Bariatric (weight loss) surgery Guy.
Ask the Bone Marrow Courier*
Ask the Cancer Survivor
Ask the Celebrity Bartender
Ask the chick who did the HCG diet (non-homeopathic)
Ask the child of money
Ask The Columbia Shuttle Recovery Guy
Ask the convicted felon
Ask the Currently Incarcerated
Ask the dad who’s adopting (long OP)
Ask the doper who remarried her husband
Ask the dopers who have gone through fertility treatments.
Ask the Drug Addict
Ask the Father of Three Young Boys
Ask the father who was abused as a child
Ask the [former] acidhead
Ask the former group home resident
Ask the Former Lurker!
Ask the former state Class A chess champion
Ask the former teenage drug dealer
Ask the former teenage runaway.
Ask the gal who just had Bariatric Lap Band installation
Ask the gal who just had total knee replacement surgery
Ask the Gastric Bypass Patient Who Tried Everyting Else Before Resorting to Surgery
Ask the girl who has gone from squalor to show home
Ask the girl who just got her first epliator!
Ask the girl who just spent 2.5 weeks in China
Ask the Girl Who Lived Through a Tornado
Ask the girl who was in the hospital
Ask the girl whose house burnt down
Ask the Graveyard Shift Worker!
Ask a guy currently on an airplane!
Ask the guy with 8 kids
Ask the guy who just ate some 20-year-old canned vegetables
Ask the guy who spent a week surviving in the desert with no food.
Ask the Guy Who Stared at Bill Walton’s Back for Three Hours
Ask the Guy Who Survived an IRS Audit
Ask the guy who’s getting married in 146.5 hours
Ask the guy…with a hundred boomerangs
Ask the guy with the contact lenses surgically implanted in his eyes
Ask the guy in the Jeopardy! UToC
Ask the guy on steriods
Ask the guy recovering from a vasectomy
Ask the Guy Who Got an Early View of “Deep Sea 3D” [w/ spoiler boxes]
Ask the guy that just finished his first Ironman
Ask the guy that’s about to get foreclosed on.
Ask the guy who is adopting internationally.
Ask the guy who just ate some hakarl
Ask the guy who just got a vasectomy.
Ask The Guy who just had an Emergency Appendectomy!
Ask the guy who just had an MRI
Ask the guy who just had emergency bypass surgery
Ask the guy who just had LASIK surgery*
Ask the Guy who just read all seven HP books back to back. (Probable Spoilers)
Ask the Guy who just saw Goblet of Fire
Ask the guy who used to frequent hookers!
Ask the Guy Who Was Banned for an Hour!
Ask the guy who’s doing a medically supervised fast
Ask the guy who’s rereading all of Heinlein
Ask the guy whose seen almost all of the James Bond movies.
Ask a guy with a Medical Marijuana card anything
Ask the hetrosexual virgin!
Ask the high school graduate.
Ask the Jew Who’s reading the “Left Behind” Series
Ask the lucid dreamer
Ask the man who can play a whole damn Baroque guitar suite! Oh yeah.
Ask the Medi Marijuana Patient
Ask the Mom of a Preemie
Ask the New Father (with pictures!)
Ask the Ohio provisional voter!
Ask the “Other Woman”
Ask the Person Who Did Win Something Like the Lottery
Ask the Person who Hasn’t had Running Water for Four Days
Ask the person whose spouse just got on the transplant list…
Ask me any pre-Grad Student Studies Math Question
Ask the psychotropic drug guy?
Ask the rape survivor
Ask the Rape Victim
Ask the Recreational Drug User!
Ask the single-sex high school girl!
Ask somebody who actually stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night anything!
Ask the straight-A student
Ask the Study Abroad Student
Ask the Undertaker’s Daughter!
Ask the woman who had a BMI of 36, had gastric bypass surgery a year ago and is thrilled about it.
Ask the woman who is getting Essure
Ask the Woman who just had Lip Augmentation
Ask the woman who just potty-trained her 3rd and final kid.
Ask yesterday’s colonoscopy recipient
Ask the young guy who just had open heart surgery.
Ask the (former) crackhead
Ask the Adult Child of a Hoarder/Clutterer
Ask the cancer patient(s)
Ask the Chick who just got an EEE PC
Ask the Doper who remarried her husband
Ask the EXCEL guy
Ask the former prisoner
Ask the gaijin that just spent $600 on kimono
Ask the Gal who just saw the Pope at Yankee Stadium!
Ask the girl who just had an ablation
Ask the girl who’s read…
Ask the guy that had LASIK 24 hours ago
Ask the guy who just did the stupidest, or maybe smartest, thing he’s ever done
Ask the guy who just had a colonsocopy
Ask the guy watched a full season of 24 in one day
Ask the guy who lost his virginity
Ask the guy who’s hiking the Appalachian Trail
Ask the guy who has seen every episode of the Dukes of Hazzard
Ask the guy who just saw “Memento” again (OPEN SPOILERS)
Ask the guy who uses Paragon CRT Instead of Lasik surgery
Ask the Hearing Daughter of Deaf Parents
Ask the reformed criminal.
Ask the resident alien
Ask the surrogate
Ask me what it’s like to be poor!
Ask me what it’s like to be rich
Ask the girl who just had lipo, breast lift, and breast implants
Ask the woman who nursed a 4 year old

Work Specific

Ask the interviewer
Ask the job recruiter
Ask the not-for-profit employee
Ask the unemployed guy who’s giving up looking
Ask the Unemployment guy

Animal, Cultural, Enviormental and Literature

Ask the Artist!
Ask the Certified Floodplain Manager
Ask the chicken person
Ask the Children’s Author
Ask the Children’s Book Editor
Ask the Conservator
Ask the Dutch botanic/field biologist (and psychologist on the side)
Ask the Environmental Psychologist…
Ask a farmer
Ask the Guide Dog Puppy Raiser.
Ask the guy with a book deal.
Ask the guy who just finished writing a book.
Ask the guy who works with marine mammals
Ask the Librarian
Ask the Museum Girl
Ask the Pastured Poultry Farmer
Ask the professional indexer.
Ask the Service Dog Handler/Trainer…!
Ask the Show/Pet Rat Breeder
Ask the Tall Ship Sailor
Ask the Travel Writer
Ask the Zoo Educator

Athletics and Sports

Ask the (ex) wrestler
Ask the rollergirl
Ask the Wrestler

Customer Relations, Service, Dealing with People and Cuisine

Ask the 911 Calltaker
Ask the apartment maintenance technician
Ask the Auto Finance Manager/Car Sales (wo)man
Ask the (big chain) Video Store Clerk
Ask The Barista… (Coffee girl, to you)
Ask the Bartender!
Ask the beauty school student
Ask the Bicycle Mechanic.
Ask the Bookseller
Ask a Bra Professional…
Ask the Cab Driver
Ask a car salesman
Ask the College Dining Hall Employee
Ask the corporate bank manager
Ask the Direct Marketing (Call Center, Telemarketing, Junk Mail) Professional!
Ask the Enology Student
Ask the ex phone sex operator
Ask the fast food manager!
Ask the foreclosure lawyer
Ask the former fast food GM
Ask the (former) Interpreter
Ask the Former Phone Psychic
Ask the (former) ticket scalper.
Ask the fortune teller
Ask the Health and Life Insurance Agent
Ask the Health Inspector
Ask the housecleaner who specializes in squalor recovery
Ask the Insurance Operations Guy!
Ask the Italian chef
Ask the LensCrafters eyeglasses consultant
Ask the Liquor Store Clerk!
Ask the painting contractor chick
Ask the person who works in the adult industry thread.
Ask the Pest Control Guy!
Ask the Professional Chef
Ask the Professional Cooks
Ask the (former) Professional “Psychic”.
Ask the professional snow removal guy
Ask the Remodeler
Ask the Resume Screener
Ask the satellite tv tech
Ask the Server
Ask the Sunglass Consultant!
Ask the Termite and Pest Control Guy, Part II*
Ask the Theme Park Character
Ask the Ticket Broker
Ask the Underwear Sales Girl!
Ask/Talk To the Hotel Night Clerk
Ask the village shop owner
Ask a waiter!
Ask the waitress!
Ask the (wedding) Photographer.
Ask the Patent Examiner (in training)
Ask the psychiatrists’ receptionist
Ask the Certified Floodplain Manager
Ask the Mod


Ask the (not quite) starving Opera Singer!
Ask the (word) puzzle editor!
Ask the aging rock star
Ask the ballerina!
Ask the Blackjack Dealer!
Ask the Broadcast Professionals (or what would you like to know about advertising)
Ask the casino dealer…
Ask the Former Kilgore Rangerette
Ask the former news reporter!
Ask the guy with a book coming out in five days
Ask the guy who’s about to make his Off-Broadway conducting debut
Ask the Improv Theatre House Manager?
Ask the Local TV News Videographer
Ask the nightclub guy
Ask the Opera Singer(s)
Ask a Poker Dealer…the floor is open.
Ask the pornographer*
Ask the pornographer (solo and GG stuff, no hetro, sorry)*
Ask the Pro-Wrestler
Ask the Professional Belly Dancer
Ask the Professional Voice Over Talent
Ask the Pyrotechnician
Ask the Radio Host
Ask a Roller Coaster Operator Anything!
Ask the (former) stagehand/stagemanager, director and all around theatrical jack of all trades
Ask the Stripper!
Ask the technical theatre guy
Ask the TV News Guy
Ask the Vaudevillian
Ask the Freelancer
Ask the guy who used to work at a major daily newspaper
Law enforcement/Military/Government

Ask a former prison guard.
Ask the 911 Dispatcher
Ask the Air Force Guy, again
Ask the cop
Ask the Debt Collector (Ouch, stop hitting me!)*
Ask the Diplomat!
Ask the Draft Board member
Ask the firefighter!
Ask the (hopefully) future Peace Corps volunteer
Ask the girl who deals with tax protesters everyday!
Ask the Guy who is Running for Office
Ask the guy who just served on a jury for two weeks.
Ask the incarcerated former lawyer
Ask the Internet Abuse/Fraud Investigator
Ask the lawyer about tort reform laws
Ask a Juror
Ask the maximum security prison physician
Ask the Military Recruiter
Ask the Militia Guy!
Ask the murder trial juror!
Ask the Newbie Politician
Ask the Peace Corps Volunteer/TEFL teacher in Bulgaria
Ask The Person Who Just Finished Serving on a Jury
Ask the presiding judge (election)
Ask the Prison Guard
Ask the Private Investigator
Ask the reformed debt collector
Ask the returned Peace Corps Volunteer
Ask the tax lawyer!
Ask the U. S. Air Force guy!*
Ask the former TSA screener
Ask the guy who’s entering EOD (Bomb Squad) School
Ask the occasional German lay assessor judge (Schöffe)


Ask the 2nd year Pharmacy Student
Ask the 911 Calltaker
Ask the Audiologist
Ask the Dermatological Medical Assistant
Ask the Doctor of Optometry [formerly student]
Ask the doctor with first-hand SARS experience
Ask the emergency vet tech
Ask the ER Doctor
Ask the first year medical student
Ask the forensic pathologist - or, Last chance to pontificate
Ask the Guy who makes Adult Spaces FUN!
Ask a Male Nurse
Ask the Medical Billing Specialist
Ask The Doper Who Works At A Medical Marijuana Clinic
Ask the Massage Therapist
Ask the Medical Student!
Ask the medical technologist
Ask the Nurse who works with Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias
Ask the Optician…
Ask the Planned Parenthood Nurse
Ask the wildland firefighter
Ask the Dermatological Medical Assistant
Ask the medical technologist
Ask someone who works in an emergency room

Music based

Ask a Drummer. aka Ask a semi-successful musician.*
Ask the Drummer!*
Ask the guy who’s touring with a Broadway show.
Ask the Music Director
Ask the percussionist/drummer
Ask a singer

Ask the Architect
Ask the AV Engineer
Ask the bastard from IT
Ask the Copy Editor!
Ask the entrepreneur who is starting a small business in Shanghai
Ask the EXCEL Guy
Ask the guy who works on an oil rig
Ask the Graphic Designer
Ask the IT Guy
Ask the Microsoft Employee
Ask The Product Standards and ISO Guy
Ask a Software Engineer/Developer
Ask the Structional Engineer!
Ask the Wall Street Trader
Ask the Web Designer/Web Host
Relationships/Dealing with people

Ask the child support officer
Ask Dr aha, sex therapist
Ask the guy who gets paid to have sex
Ask the real, live pimp a question
Ask the substance abuse counselor

School based/Scientific

Ask the 7th Grade Public School Teacher
Ask the (student) Vet
Ask the Academic
Ask the Anime Student
Ask the Biologist!
Ask the Bored Virologist!
Ask the Culinary School Student!
Ask the English teacher living in a foreign country.
Ask the English teacher(s) in Japan
Ask the English Teacher in Japan - Autolycus Edition!
Ask the exhausted grad student
Ask the experimentalist.
Ask the Girl Who Just Finished Law School
Ask the guy who worked in Antarctica
Ask the guy working in the himalayas
Ask a Mathematician
Ask the Middle School Teacher
Ask the Multi-Instrumentalist…high school student
Ask a nuclear submariner
Ask the particle physicist
Ask the Peace Corps Volunteer/TEFL teacher in Bulgaria.
Ask the violin teacher


Ask the Airline Pilot who just switched from Passengers to Cargo
Ask (or vent to) your Fed-Ex guy!
Ask the Flight Instructor
Ask the freight train conductor
Ask the frequent business traveler
Ask the Frequent Flyer
Ask the guy who worked on a cruise ship in Hawaii for a year
Ask the high-performance driving instructor
Ask the railroader
Ask the small airplane pilot
Ask the trainee traindriver.

Ask the -blank-



Holy crap, this is the best thread ever.

Thank you, Idle Thoughts. I have a lot of reading to do. Shame this board doesn’t use a rep feature!

Hadn’t realised there were quite so many. Thanks for compiling them Idle Thoughts!



Wow! Nice work!

What does the asterisk on the end of some titles mean?

Originally it meant topics of the same kind (or even the exact same title) that were made by different members, but I didn’t decide to do that to the newest additions this time around (or even include that footnote). I was too lazy to delete all of the asterisks, though. : p

Amazing work, Idle Thoughts!

Something to consider for your next such project: a directory of all those “great threads” and “funny threads” and such that we’ve been collecting the past few days.

Fairly certain I said this last time too but thanks! You’re truly awesome (and dedicated - holy hell!!)

Holy crap, dude. You’re comprehensive. You even have my “Ask Supernova!” thread in there! I forgot all about that.

Nice work. Get some sleep! :wink:

Whoops! You forgot my Ask the Lawyer who Defends Jail Inmates thread.

No problem–I’m sure it just slipped between the cracks. :slight_smile: Great job!

What really impresses me is that you can’t search for either “ask” or “the” or especially “ask the” which would have made this search much easier.

Yeah, I had to put all the titles in order alphabetically…and then skip over any made in 2008 or before (because those would already be in the list).

You missed a parody thread I started:

Ask the dumbass.

To be fair, it was closed pretty quickly, much to my chagrin. Nonetheless there are, in fact, 10 replies.

Oops, sorry about that. : S